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Meet the wildcard crew

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Patrick is a graduate of the Digital Video program at the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers, and current student in Digital Cinema and Post-Production at Utah Valley University, C.F.O, and a freelance filmmaker specializing in post-production; with a few award-winning films and music videos under his belt—some state-level achievements— but most notably a first-place, nationally winning short film.

He co-founded Wildcard Pictures in 2019 and continues to work and develop his skills to this day.

"From the very start, I liked to think of myself as a jack of all trades. With so many interests and hobbies, settling on just one became an issue. I soon realized, however, that video editing, writing, photography, music, and content creation could all be bred into one single medium; Filmmaking."

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Zack is a student of Digital Cinema Production at Utah Valley University and an aspiring writer and director. He developed his passion for film very young and has been working to develop his skills as a filmmaker ever since. Over the years he's worked as a freelance editor, created several original short films, and co-founded Wildcard Pictures, which he continues to produce content for today.


"I make movies."

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Isaiah or"Zay" is an up-and-coming filmmaker and VFX artist. He currently attends the University of Utah and  is majoring in Film with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He's competed in many competitions, even qualifying for the AAHSFF in after placing 1st place in the Utah High School Film Festival. He's found success through social media, gaining over 200K followers on TikTok, and through his VFX work, has partnered with the likes of  Epic Games and Yubo.  

"Never, in a million years, would I have guessed I'd be where I am today. I always had a strong passion for creating but never thought I could actually bring my ideas to life. Ever since I got my first camera and started creating, I knew I had found my true passion. Now I'm more motivated than ever, I am my own inspiration, and I will stop at nothing to achieve my dream."

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Cary is an aspiring Writer, Editor, and Director attending Utah Valley University for Directing. He's been writing screenplays and making short films since middle school and has developed a unique and experimental style. He founded Dinky Bird Pictures in 2021 where he produces content for its accompanying YouTube channel and later joined the Wildcard Pictures' crew as well. 


"Film has been my passion since I was a small child. I gravitated towards high concept Science Fiction and that has influenced what I make and how I make it. Today, I find myself inspired by incredible pieces of film, from Casablanca to Bladerunner 2049. I believe that anything can be achieved in the art of filmmaking with the right amount of inspiration and hard work."

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